How long does take for you to make an app?

Depends on how busy we are and how complicated the app will be. We will give you an ETA when we know the details of your project.

Can I sell things other than coffee in my app?

Hmm, let’s see… absolutely! Customers can order a sandwich or breakfast or anything else that you offer. And, they can specify how they want it in an additional information box that you receive with their order.

What if we’re super busy and can’t handle all the orders?

Quality problems, eh? Well, being coffeeheads, we know how crazy cafés can get. In the master app, you can select whether to accept or postpone or deny orders. Customers will only get an order confirmation on their app once you have approved it and specified the time their order will be ready. This ETR (estimated time of readiness) is sent to them as a countdown timer so they know when they need to be at the café to collect their order! This how your app will help you maximise your efficiency.

I’m not a café. Will you still make an app for me?

We’re not surprised. Café’s usually don’t type very well. Levity aside, being nice people, chances are we will. If you’re a restaurateur or emporium proprietor who is interested in working with us, pop your details in the contact box and we’ll be in touch.

What do you do other than apps?

We also get awesome websites built (ones like this one). Contact us if you’re interested.

I like tea. Where is the tea section?


Any other questions?

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